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The e–Accounts Advantage


Our services can save you up to 75% of your accounting and bookkeeping costs. We charge a flat fee or low hourly rate for accounting and bookkeeping work and complete the work more efficiently and more reliably than an in–house bookkeeper. Why have a bookkeeper when you can have a team of CPA’s?

“e-Accounts helps me to concentrate on management, business strategy and maximizing profits by minimizing my time spent on essential but time-consuming accounting work”


Our accountants are highly skilled, highly educated and have vast accounting experience. They have been preparing company accounts and tax returns for many years and are extremely efficient. Our accountants capture at least 20 transactions per hour. Not only do they work quickly, but they work overnight. If we receive your source documents at 5pm we can usually have your accounts prepared by 9am the following morning. If you need customized reports, just give us a list of your requirements and the documents will be ready for you in the morning.


The accountants at e–Accounts are some of the best educated and most experienced in the world. We offer their services for a lower cost than an inexperienced, relatively untrained bookkeeper. We have expert accountants in every industry who can customize an accounting system to meet every need. Each set of accounts is reviewed every day by a Senior Accountant who demands the highest quality. Your accounts will be accurate and will be prepared efficiently in your choice of accounting software.

Our service is more efficient and more effective than hiring in–house staff. Your dedicated team of accountants will always be there for you — 24 hours a day, every business day of the year. No payroll to arrange, no vacations, no benefit packages — just good work completed on time at a fraction of the cost.


Another benefit to our service is that it is completely paperless. We scan all of your source documents and file them on our server in a logical order. We send the originals back to you for filing. Never again will you need to search for an old invoice or a paid check — all of your documents will be available to you on our secure servers in a very simple electronic filing system.