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How It Works


The first step in preparing any set of accounts is to gather source documents. These source documents include bank statements, lists or copies of checks, sales and purchase orders and other relevant transaction documents.

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Once we receive your source documents, we start to prepare your paperless filing system. We scan your documents using our high speed scanners and save every document on our secure servers in a highly organized yet simple and user-friendly filing system. Once we have filed all of your source documents on our server, we return them to you for storage. We then capture all of these source documents into the accounting package of your choice and prepare your customized, computerized accounting system.

Our accountants are so experienced at producing that we can usually prepare your accounts overnight. Your accounting manager can access these accounts and your customized reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our servers are backed up every day to ensure that information is never lost.


Scan and email your documents to us. We will prepare/update your paperless filing and accounting systems on our server to be accessed by you at any time and we an email you the updated accounting file.


If you would rather just send us all of your documents without having to sort and scan each one, you can just put them all in a box and send them by mail or courier service. We recommend that you send the documents using our FedEx Ground or UPS Ground account. Ground delivery is fast and reliable, and provides tracking details for every package. Once we receive your documents, we will scan them and prepare your paperless filing system. We will then record each transaction and prepare your accounting system and financials using your choice of accounting software. We will then email the accounting file to you. You will be able to access your accounts and source documents at any time on our server.


Fax your source documents to us for fast and safe delivery. We will convert the fax to pdf documents and save them in a logical order on our server to be accessed by your team using your secure login information. We will update your accounting file using the software of your choice and will email you that file once the work is complete. You will also be able to access your file by logging onto our server.


Send your source documents to us by any of the above methods and we will prepare your paperless filing system on our server. We will then update your accounts either by logging onto your network and updating the files on your accounting system or we will log onto online accounting software (like and will update your accounts. You and your accounting manager can log onto the online accounting system at any time to access your accounting information.


Save your files to a shared Dropbox folder which can be downloaded at This real time file sharing system allows you to control which folders and files are shared with our team and allows us to begin work immediately. Quick and efficient document sharing helps by saving both time and money sending documents back and forth while guaranteeing that your work is done by the next day.